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mebbe you want to know that
"The Delicious Deadly Octopus" is the 2 offical WOP members
"Jimmy Skulls" & "Johnny Zero" +2 fresh minstrels "Nick Thirteenfingers" & "Chrissyboy The Ripper"
{click the skull for TDDO history}
13 fingers 4 your pleasure
gitah & huh huh ah ah bbbaby
.::: TDDO - history :::.
bop ch bop ch the big bopper
bum bum & one choo tree four

...and a bunch of other ginos on trumpet, bontempi bambino organ, castanets, kazoo
and on other virtuoso instruments like the kazoo (pick a bone for some bio).

remember: if you want to have them playing at your bitch party, prepare a lot of booze cuz
they only play drunk... wasted that is

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cosmopolitan greetings

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and finally here is even a few emmepitre so that you can hear 'em too
  mp3 nix 4u? think of 4 or 5 hammered spaghettifresser 

playing what's filed under
hillbilly-surf-punk-skull drill

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NEWS 1935-2004


2006/01/08 here's the news, TDDO will be playing their instruments at the Monofaktur in Munich on wednesday 25th of january, together with a new additional fifth minstrel who will presumably be strumming the guitar and hopefully will also make you shake your bootie ...mebbe Sheik Yer Booty? boh...

anyway they will be joining
The Hangee V on their small tour on this date, and actually Jimmy Skulls will be spinning the records at their show in Bolzano, tuesday 24th of january at Sciarada piazza erbe 25 CLICK TO ENTER


2005/12/18 oho! Jimmy and Chrissy are playing Rockabilly and Rock N' Roll records at the Free Spirit Pub in Mezzolombardo every Thursday night.

Our next show will be with The Hangee V redirect to MAD IN BZ for details... also the pictures of our last show with the staggers are finally up to peek a loock clickyclicky


2005/11/30 The Staggers and The Delicious Deadly Octopus are coming your way and word has it that they intend to kindnap the hideous KRAMPUS for the show at the BUNKER

soirée krampus in crampsville, gustase los calambres
wedensday 7th december
6T's surf-garage-punk-rock y roll

Bicio of COSMOPOLITAN GREETINGS and Evel the wicked singer and tambourine player of The Staggers will be spinning the records, '60s garage trash punk and soul sound ... no techno no bullshit!

Also in case you maggots didn't know, the day after is a holiday so shake your ass and tits til late, cuz we ain't got NO CURFEW!

click  to  enlarge  map, or look up the address "Via Castel Flavon 14 Bolzano" at some route planer like



2005/10/29 on monday 31 your own personal HELLVIS will be spinning the records in the cellar of the Moskito (via cappuccini-bolzano)  for everyfiends delight, so take out your ghouls cuz it is known to be All Hallow's Eve...
BTW yesterday the DYNAMITE CHERRY DOLLS was putting on some rock'n'roll rumble kind of  tunes at the papperlapapp

and here is your next date with fear and frenzy, it is a hideous international production by the CHOKEmediaEMPIRE and TOHKAMAK - along with the crew of the
BUNKER hideaway (küpabachweg 14 via castel flavon - BOLZANO) remember to bring out your brats, cuz we have a special deal with the krampus, and he'll still be around and waiting for them on wedensday 7th december

soirée krampus in crampsville, gustase los calambres con
The Staggers y The Delicious Deadly Octopus
6T's surf-garage-punk-rock y roll CLICK TO ENTER



2005/10/22 quick update for those absent form the stranded fishermans dive MOLO via3santi. what did we have, a wasted doc a bunch of gals in 50's style dresses, emotionally incontinent kids, queer bartenders, gatto mattia refusing to play the cramps and the usual TDDO drunks admidst them namely mr. Prexli Skulls, mr. von Tana Zero, mr. Loupgarou the Ripper, mr. Nikolaus Thirteenfingers and this time Yomo Kuriosawa threw in a few vocals just as the drunken doc did. also after the show it was the first practice ever for Laverena and the 170 ...nuthing came out of it but rumor has it that they'll keep on keepin' on...



2005/10/19 another friday another TDDO sciò, countdown set for october 21 this time at the MOLO pub in via 3santi in BOLZANO, aka City Of Poizen, same old same old...




2005/10/08 pictures from the show in Innsbruck with the Black Lips are online at  or if that tabloid takes too long to load the same info is available on too

actually just click on the pic to see more...



2005/09/11 hey cats, don't miss The Delicious Deadly Octopus' firm's outing when they leave the Lievez Madhouse for a short nice "Bertiebsauflug" i.e. a sauftour and a pack of lies ...con biretten. They will face the Black Lips, famous drop-outs of the  "Freakout University" Atlanta / Georgia to transform the PMkay hideout in Inzbrooke in a dependence of "Die Slaughterhaüs" and the CHOKEmediaEMPIRE. be a testimonial! damage 6euros on friday23septembeer, it's your free day
VARMINT 7" records will have a release partee the same night for their new slab : BLACK LIPS-hippys. this will also be the time when the long overdue first release of the geezers at will see its light on their "sorta bootleg label" ggWRECkURDS. it will be a live recording of TDDO, previously presented on these pages (scroll down to 2004/12/22 to find it) MOSKITO ALIVE, BZ BZZZ BZZZZ

now to the past weekend: invasion of Rudy Giovannini's playground just below Reinhold Messner's juval castle on the rocks executed successfully by TDDO, who played right before south-east swedish 7Ts rockers The Bones, who in turn proved once more that fat asses can rock your boner too. It all took place at the festplatz of Naturns-Naturno in the woods where the Musikantenstadelen and Rudy’s fans usually waste their time, this time it was transformed in a teeniegirlie hideout, & like 5 bands playing.

Jimmy broke a string at the beginning of the first song so the gig started with a real nice break, other pit stops were needed for Johnny that went to the side of the stage to take a slash, Chrissy who needed a fresh bottle of Bourbon and for the usual nonsense and foolin' as well as a short amorous affair between Johnny and his girl Laverena. In case you wonder what happened to Chrissy's pink upright bass, it fell of the roof of a hearse and is undergoing some surgery... The grandpas of rock sounded quite tight this time around so looks like they're eventually breaking Délicieux Fatal du Pieuvre's spell, or will he strike back?

pix by 170


2005/09/10 introducing new Octopodes Family Member "David Littlebigman" on plastic and air gitah, first live appearance at  stotfesht poazn - bolzano...

pics by "los greñudos del rancho"

tentative list of Octopodes Family Members on the worlds famous TDDO-blog at 


2005/09/08 don't forget TDDO tomorrow live at stotfesht poazn - bolzano... between piazza walter and portici/lauben in the sk8ramp in the eveneing



2005/09/06 here is what you should do on Friday 23rd of September, hump on a train to IBK cuz we will face the Black Lips at the PMK, the CHOKEmediaEMPIRE set up the whole thing and so you can bet yer rump that it's goin' to rawk.

Anyway two more dates below the friggin flyer.

what else is happening in the TDDO madhouse, well we can tell you that Délicieux Fatal du Pieuvre popped up in some filthy place, and that ThegUrusAndU have been invoked to give a helping hand in solving the problem with that nasty timetraveller, uhm and lots of other very weird things which are actually quite difficult to explain... so we might all just be better off if we can agree to, sounds like someone is ramblin  on here...huh? ehhh hah....

let's leave it there

but,  as we anounced before the updated LIVE-dates for TDDO are now on it seems to work fine that way and it's also less work for the dorks & tempslaves at also on a side note their headqurters moved to the tiki island of Tokelau and they hooked us op with a domain there too so it is yet again a change of URL the new one you really should be able to keep in your mind since it is just TDDO with tiki at the end

click on the flyer to enlarge

9.Sep.05 BOLZANO/BOZEN stadtfest @ ulli's sk8ramp in piazza
10.Sep.05 NATURNS/NATURNO festplatz w/ the bones



2005/07/28 now a few pictures of the deliziosen blue blooded creature with three hearts and nine brains, playing at some dorf-sk8-fesht on some sort of funky truck in a square in a town called Lana ...hmm sometime around june or july that must have been. once again the photos are by octopdes family member Mr T.
BTW if you wanna know who the other "Octopodes Family" members are, or let's say the ones discovered so far, check the

click on the pics to enlarge



2005/07/26 you really should go check out this "WHY NOT?" fest, not only is it for F R E E, but also in case of bad weather the concerts will be held outside...

it takes place Friday 29th of July to Sunday 30th, in Fiorenzuola d'Arda, which is some small city halfway between Parma and Piacenza, right after Fidenza if you are driving from Parma

amongst a dozen of other bands you will have ---------------------------

Mojomatics +
Anna and the Psycho Men

Sabbath: Brant Bjork and the Bros

and Sinday: Buddy and the Cocos

so it's lots of diverse music, some of it in broken english but fun to hear, some of it actually really good...



2005/07/25 it is true, we are a little late with this one, the Haze left us quite a while ago. but, we just  found this one hanging in the web and since it is true words and no lie, Lievez, por una vez, should get a chance to know 'bout it too... also if we're not totally wrong Hasil Adkins said she said so, ooooh ah uh ah... she said




2005/07/24 wholly moly, just found out we've been living under a rock for the last decade or so. Yes sir, cuz apart form Elvez in Lievez, Jimmy "Elvez Baron von Prexli" Skulls, Leifers/Laives is the home of another universal music icon, namely Rodolfo, we're talking Rodolfo Giovannini aka Rudy Giovannini, ok mate, the reason for a persistent stream of german pilgrims. Live in LAIVarse was the motto of last saturday's s'Köfelefest that saw Rudy perform infront of his fans, we will try to get him for some sort of colaboration, perhaps a cover of Renato Carosone's "tu vù fa l' americano" in a laivesotto version, or maybe "giamr tonzn, giamr balliern"... or how about something along the lines of dopo diec' anni a Bronzollo è riturnat a Vadena, Pasquale americano, hey mambo, mambo laivesotto, hey mambo... we'll see

Rudy Giovannini winner of the Grand Prix der Volksmusik and now Live in LAIVarse





2005/07/23 as it slowly starts working the blog had to change address, now it is
if you land on the old one there should be a link that leads you to the new one.

Here are two pics of what should have been a gig in the vineyard, but saint peter decided it should not take place and opened the sluice-gates... the first one shows Massi of the Hormonas working on Chrissyboy's bass and the second one the stage, if you wanna call it that way. The whole thing took place in Pomino's Hometown Salurn and let's remain silent obout the rest, ok

click on the pics to enlarge



2005/04/16 next up...



2005/04/13 next show "friday april 15" at the Jungle in MERAN and yes, with The Max Schreck

new record available at the show, the octopus strikes back

and there is a BLOG online now the url is



2005/03/26 tonight live with new songs in kastelruth, ha? moggsche net a wichschtele fun tintnfisch mit di kaschtlchuttch schpozzn? sel wol ha...



2005/03/04 there you go




2005/02/01 the nutcases at guitarsgalore are preparing a print version of their sorta zine. the first issue will also feature an article with some historical divulgations about TDDO... we obtained permission to offer you a preview of that article and the cover of the first issue of this papyrus. Furthermore we can offer you the 2005 calendar (right click to download) to be printed in A3



2005/01/13 Jimmy got something to say. it's por los loco-locals, so here is his message... colgo l'occasione per avvertirvi che: 
venerdi 14 genn Johnny aka mauritzius mette i dischi al
sabato 15 da sciarada circus c'è un concerto punk rock! non mi ricordo di chi.. 
ven 28 genn c'è un concerto al bunker!!paint the town red(ger),silence belongs to me(bz), day shine rising(bz, è il gruppo di ricky, che ha disegnato la copertina invason from planet octopus) 
e poi tra un pò io e chrissyboy mettiamo i dischi al moskitzo, mi sembra in marzo, bohh..    ciao a presto...   Jimmy Skulls 



2005/01/12 first post in the new year, here's some pictures from last year, that rolled in; some taken by yomo kuriosawa, some by Mr.T and some by dunnowho... yeah right on, happy new year you freaks of nature, anyway:

click on the pics to enlarge

Jimmy@horn in flames

Johnny phYomo

skifo phYomo

Jimmy phYomo

Johnny@saletta Lievez

CHBoy@saletta Lievez

Nick@saletta Lievez

Yomo vs. Johnny


farfisa@TimeTo ProveEditions 

telefono casa


Johnny Jimmy saletta 


saletten etiliken



2004/12/22 efechrboti merry x-mess with the "ok to pussy" ...needless to say that the Moskito show was a blast. BTW, to all those who missed it: we didn't miss you, infact there wouldn't have been room in the tin box that the place is anyway... there are some photos (courtesy of Mr. T) of the delicious deadly octopus playing the apocalypso at

  MORE? then clicky

also we are pleased to inform you that the show has been taped and will be released on ggWRECkURDS (check out the graphics of the record sleeve on the right, if you got shit for brains you might like to know that you can have a closer look by clicking on them) as soon as the mastering is done... in the meantime you can listen to an unmasterd clip of how the drunken knight ended. 

TDDO{moskito alive, bz bzz bzzz}a midnight caramba

a retired cop that was trying to get some sleep upstairs, unpluged the amps and kinda freaked out before the octopodes cheered every one with a rendition of jingle bells wich is dedicated also to all of you

also new on this site are updated biological informations on all TDDO members, just click on one of the bones on the top and see for your self

finally some encrypted information: es delizosen feshta ti natale ish in la saletta fun se balordi... ki le invitad sell veniren weil selm se beve molti birreten, bom!


NEWS 1935-2004


again we would like to inform you that this is NOT the offical web site of
...this is just a tribute... by "ggWRECKURDS" {made in Lievez}


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