Rhythm & Brews takes a break.

we're looking for a new location.
One that suits it!
if you can recommend something let us know through wish@guitarsgalore.net we'd be grateful, serious.

See below for what it was about ... this was really happening!


summer 2004

your home for full grown rock and roll... every week we'll be swimming against the stream,
start quiet and build it up from there to end the night with some genuine loudness!


2003/2004 tuesdays at jimmy's


...this is really happening!

So you were looking for some guitar music that is not your average kind of "empty we" mix? Well, looks like you finally found it.

Every Tuesday from 8pm to 2am
at Jimmy's in Innsbruck

(Wilhelm Greil Str. 17)
, entrance free withal.
This is no "DJ-mixalot-party" thing, we're
just putting on some records we dig and
hopefully you'll like 'em too...

Though we ain't got no freakin' jukebox,
if you're nice and kind you might also get to hear a couple of tunes you already know. So grab yourself a beer and take it easy, cheers!

for suggestions or complaints:

news + some of the music we had spinning (in no particular order)

JUNE 2: Rhythm & Brews takes a break

but you can still
listen daily to the
"emisiones del rancho"
from 1pm up to 4pm (#)
on 105.9 MHz IBK

(#)sometimes the emissions might stop at 2pm or  so. it depends on the diligence of the other program makers, but from 1pm on there should be at least one hour of sound programmed by the greñudos, so turn on your radio

we also highly recommend:
background music and desperado every tuesday 2pm
mister dna sunday 8pm 

 see below for more - or check out some of the following links



RHYTHM & BREWS: your weekly ROCK & ROLL experience
8pm to 2 am - only on tuesdays  only at jimmy's - wilhelmgreilstr. 17, innsbruck


...get them here...

arcustik - CD's & VINYL - domplatz 3 innsbruck - info@arcustik.at




listen to this:
online radio, best with winamp

watch the video to crawl home
from the desert sessions 9&10
with  pj harvey
and josh homme


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enigma de la semana: (on hold, might be back in the summer)
the first one to guess right gets a six-pack, no kiddin' eh!
send an e-mail with the subject  !question mark!  and what you think the
" ? - mp3 " is (artist-songtitle) to

4 u, if don't believe, click here



your home for full-grown rock & roll

commands you to listen to

escucha y goza


news and playlists from the past

JUNE: Punk 'n' Elvis 
Rhythm & Brews'  last appearance at jimmy's. BTW as assumed there was no anarchy


25th of MAY: yes!  free concert Columbian Neckties live thanx to

mp3's: 1+info  2  3     link

thanx also to everyone who showed up and made it a real cool time.

particularly to those driving all the way from italy and munich.

BTW send pictures to wish@guitarsgalore.net


pics by istoleamillion


& hope you didn't  miss the BLACK LIPS!

may 20-workstation, info at choke

2 downloads 4 u

black lips-MP3

black lips-Mov


4th of MAY: Black Sabbath Focus 
just four stnrs  from Birmingham and their disciples - 100% dio free area.


27th of April: AC/DC special       need we say more...

6th of April: yeah we're a day late, so what...


 tons of gitah sludge - in yer face
temple of the dog + hole + screaming trees + L7 + foo fighters + flaming lips + melvins + mad season + hater + steel pole bath tub + alice in chains + mudhoney + soundgarden + blind melon + sonic youth + probot +  pearl jam +  meat puppets +  dinosaur jr. and obviously nirvana... so be there -if ya ain't about to kick the bucket too.

dress code: fuck dress code!
6. of april: first recycled sabbath-riff at 8pm


17th of February: now you can

listen daily to the
"emisiones del rancho"
from 1pm up to 2pm (#)
on 105.9 MHz IBK
(#)sometimes the emissions might stop at 2pm or  so. it depends on the diligence of the other program makers, but from 1pm on there should be at least one hour of sound programmed by the greñudos, so turn on your radio.

10th of February: "los greñudos del rancho" have concluded their quest (i.e. the quest for thy wholly gitah...knite) the seeds have been planted and are germinating nicely, so there is no need anymore for the greñudos effort. drop by and listen to some diverse music...every given tuesday.
the "6pack - song guessing extravaganza" has also been set on hold, but it might be back up on this site in time for the summer. if you think you'll be thirsty by that time it certainly ain't a bad advise to follow the emissions of the "rancho de las guitarras" every thursday at 3pm on 105.9 Mhz or online at

3rd of February: totally out of control with: ween, ribey brothers, madrugada, mister bungle, the beatles, russell simins, tom waits, fugazi, joan jett, spoon, danko jones, refused, the verve, the international noise conspiracy, kyuss, iggy pop, sixteen horsepower,  ché, and you will know us by the trail of dead

27th of January: suomi 5 wheel drive disco ensamble with: franz ferdinand, tripping daisy, aerial m, misfits, presley bastards, captain beefheart and his magic band, mary timony, madrugada, july's haircut, robert rotifer, currituck county, meddy crayed, giardini di mirò, grand funk rail road, grande roses, winnie, sepp & hias and a day out with the mormones 

20th of January: calling from the fun house, obviously with: the stooges, hermano, king midas, franz ferdinand, andre williams, hüsker dü, the beatles, mary timony, on trial, unida, qotsa, cactus, mother tongue, handsome, isis, boss hog, dozer,carl perkins,  7zuma7, refused, the wylde ratttz and cheers to the record industry

13th of January: prizegiving without the winner though with: belle and sebastian, daniel johnston, franz ferdinand, luna, the loch ness mouse, the new pornographers, joe strummer and the mescaleros, the essex green, ian brown, taj mahal  and ac/dc

6th of January: none: no booze, hence no chanting hence no brawling... bummer huh

30th of December: loud music for silent times with: mondo generator, the fuckemos and the atlantics, paul revere and the raiders, cursive, the thrills,  demented are go, hermano, dozer, the yardbirds,  the music machine, royal trux, breeders, frank black, beastie boys, the brouges, melvins, the eagles of death metal ...it's actually what we had in mind for last week, but whatever 

23rd of December: no comment anyway, all the best for a messy whatever

16th of December: hope you guess my name with: the rolling stones, the sonics, travis, cramps, jonathan richman and the modern lovers, violent femmes, bob dylan, the distillers, the ramones, nebula, the dwarves, elvis presley, the shadows, the eels, misfits, beastie boys, kings of leon, glucifer, the international noise conspiracy and the ones who shall not be named

9th of December: 18 ad, the return trip with: the queens of the stoned age, kinski, wailing souls, beck, the kills, nebula,  ac/dc, danko jones, iggy pop and the stooges, led zeppelin, the ramones, black sabbath, the eels, the distillers, karma to burn, the spiritual beggars, the clash and believe it or not the electric wizard

2nd of December: nuggets stuffed apoclipse dudes with:
the electric prunes, the standells, the strangeloves, knickerbockers, the vagrants, mouse, the blues project, shadows of knight, the seeds, the barbarians, the castaways, the third rail, nazz, the magic mushrooms, the sonics, chocolate watch band, a bunch of oslo motherfuckers and the first appearance of the "internationaler turbojugend chor ibk"

25th of November: surf's up with:
dick dale and his deltones, the lively ones, the langhorns, the beach boys, the impacts, bobby fuller four, the sentinals, bruce johnstone, the shadows, the ventures and lots of dryer stuff as the desert sessions, dover, madrugada and  the maseters of reality

18th of November: the analogical output with:
turbo negro, violent femmes, tindersticks, neil young, lou reed, modest mouse, tumbleweed, the datsuns, the breeders, the shadows, johnny and the hurricanes, superchunk, the carpenters, the smiths, the pixies, big bang,  love and some freaked out televison personalities as served by  j.p. fra norge

11th of November: climbing on top of the alpine version of rock, sorta with: the flaming lips, the velvet underground, the kills, neil young, the ventures, malpunktion, the cramps, the breeders, deep purple, love, johnny and the hurricanes, superchunk, the beach boys, iron butterfly, creedence clearwater revival, cigar, rolling stones, the pixies and i just dunno what to do with myself as spontaneously interpreted by the no-mc m&c

4th of November: a band apart with: stealers wheel, castaways, sondre lerche, ween, george baker selection, kings of leon, turbo negro, doctor demento, harry nilsson, beach boys, hüsker dü,  monstermagnet, masters of reality, soundgarden, the white stripes, the doors, the kills, grand roses, johnny cash, madrugada and  luke's bonus track

28th of October: we heart disco with: the music, grand roses, whale, stone roses (tanto per cambiare), madrugada, gus gus, new order, monster magnet, sneaker pimps, mountaineers, peter gabriel, violent femmes, tool, the white birch, ian brown, pulp, the shadows, dead meadow, the beatles, ac/dc, chicks on speed and finally sucking up the seventies with scott reeder

21 of October: desert pop and brit rawk with: earthlings?, pulp, heads, desert sessions, natas, richard ashcroft,  the music, queens of the stoned age, coral, mondogenerator, teenage fan club, hermano, stone roses, unida, coldplay, cult, nebula, cure, karma to burn, gomez, kula shaker e chi più ne ha più ne metta... 

14th of October: it's only rock and roll with: jonathan richman, the dead brothers, jucy lucy, elvis presley, blondie, hüsker dü, patty smith, mogwai, chuck berry, elliott smith, black sabbath, jeff buckley, rolling stones, beach boys, the hives, kyuss & co, beatles, yo la tengo, the trashmen, bardo pond, the troggs, cream  but we like it...

7th of October: popular? with: nada surf, queens of the stoned age, white stripes, hole, foo fighters, tori amos, earthlings?,  flaming lips, the melvins,alabama3, placebo, mad season, soundgarden, sonic youth,  the smashing pumpkins, probot, glucifer, bob marley, datsuns, big bang, hole, dinosaur jr. and dare we: nirvana... 

30th of September: too high to die with: the meat puppets and robert palmer, beck and  morphine, lou reed and the who, steve earle and d.a.d., emmilou harris and the coral, fleetwood mac and pj harvey, cream and brant bjork, the jimi hendrix experience and simian, radiohead and the misfits, iggy pop the white stripes' diy attitude

23th of September: a scandinavian summer jourey: rollin' one up with "on trail" in christiania, 4 liters of spendrups on the beaches of skċne with the "hellacopters" (and still sober), ailen light show in hessdalen with "motor psycho" and "the euroboys", sailing over to iceland with "the white birch"  to get into a mellowing down mode with "sigur ros" and inge, back to norway for some frontside rock and roll with "big bang" and "turbo negro", over to suomi for some onion soup with "22 pistepirko", summer in the city of stockholm  with "the (international) noise conspiracy" and "the soundtrack of our lives", temporally lost in the woods under the midnight sun with "a camp" , finally bringing everyone safely back to denmark for some brownies with  "baby woodrose"
...prepare for a long hot winter!

16th of September: carla bruni, travis, syd barret, cat power, elvis presley, social distortion, the new pornographers, teenage fan club, the clash, the cardigans, nina simone, arab strap, tindersticks, glucifer, turbo negro, johnny cash - r.i.p.

9th of September: badly drawn boy, lee perry, the coral, ian brown, desert sessions, beck, 22 pistepirko, big bang, fatso jetson, talk talk, david bowie, tool, go betweens, devo, helium, stooges, wellwater conspiracy, johnny cash

2nd of September: django reinhardt, a camp, jimi hendrix experience, white stripes, ween, guided by voices, cramps, pj harvey, eagles of death metal, national anthems, zz top, kyuss, woven hand

26th of August: wailing souls, taj mahal, iggy pop, patti smith, foo fighters, john spencer blues explosion,  dinosaur jr, the verve,  john lee hooker, misfits, the clash, mad season, calexico, cowboy junkies

19th of August: sergio mendes, ariel kill him, masters of the hemisphere, the atlantics, new pornographers, mark lanegan, folk implosion, elbow, desert sessions,  kings of leon, the music, ac/dc, melvins, hank williams, brant bjork

12th of August: the quest begins with : the lively ones, dick dale, stone roses, 13th floor elevators, qotsa,  royal trux, glucifer, stealers wheel, ventures, langhorns, datsuns, flaming lips, 16 horsepower, stooges, tool, the clash, pj harvey, turbo negro, queens of the stone age, the folk implosion, desert sessions, ween, franz ferdinand, throwing muses, the icarus line, the flaming grovies, buddy holly, the coral, beck and so much more...

!           clairvoyance           ?


what's that?
click and hear!

let's let the music talk! 

la chanson de la semaine:
icarus line - on the lash


this week's featured downloads:

grande roses - arctic heart

pretty girls make graves - all medicated geniuses

cat power - he war

soft boys - mister kennedy

eodm - i only want you

desert sessions 9&10 -
i wanna make it witchu

arab strap - love detective

nebula - atomic ritual

solex - shoot shoot

ween - tried and true

robert rotifer - hassan

brant bjork - the low desert punk

mark eitzel - proclaim your joy

guided by voices - everywhere with helicopter 

the music - take the long road and walk it

wellwater conspiracy - late night


the weekly step into the doomension, this time with:
dead meadow - (live) verything's goin' on


more tunes:

the mormones - fast roads fast riffs

new pornographers - the new face of 0 & 1

franz ferdinand - darts of pleasure

on trial - a house is nota motel

brian jonestown massacre - wisdom

columbian neckties - this guy will tell

probot (VIDEO) - shake your blood


click on pics to enlarge

...hmmm, this seems to be the right place for a very important supporting brand

your home for full-grown rock & roll

commands you to listen to

escucha y goza

for suggestions or complaints:

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