an interview with
Jus Oborn

founding member, guitarist and  singer of the heaviest band ever, Electric Wizard working his way through the dried meat of a wild boar and some boring questions at the Kaack in Berlin, recorded on 2006/02/06




an interview with
Jason Simons and
Steve McBean

the guitarists/singers of Dead Meadow from Washington D.C and Black Mountain/Pink Mountaintops from Vancouver B.C. sat down for a short chat, some wine and spicy cookies at the Orange House in Munich, recorded on 2005/11/16





an interview with
Dave Catching

owner of the "Rancho De La Luna" recording studio and guitarist for Eagles Of Death Metal and contributor for a 1000 things such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Desert Sessions, Yellow #5, Mondo Generator, Gnarltones and the list goes on for ever...
recorded on 2005/06/25 in Luxembourg





an interview with
Brant Bjork

Kyuss founding member and original drummer, recorded on 2004/07/21 in Trossingen Germany while on tour with his band The Bros and Mondo Generator, infact the last show Nick Oliveri played on that tour





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