2008/12/31 better late than never, on the last day here's the best records we got across in this diffiult year twothousandandeight ...BTW our new home is at so visit there if you care what we're up to, aight!


there's little if any doubt at all that Colour Haze is the present pinnacle of live heavy psychedelia, actually there's hardly any band that comes close to their live performance, so to really experience them you got to witness them live, and they do play lots of shows so don't miss 'em, well they even do ceremonies in ancient temples, ruins and dunes... in the meantime get this record and prepare yourselves. 

to listen:

Colour Haze at DUNAjam 2008
photo by Tiberio Sorvillo

LOS EXPLOSIVOS - los explosivos
(slovenly records)

so you like it dirty, what about a crusty platter of rancid and well aged mexican cucarachas, freshly plucked from behind the fridge? and while you're at it wash them down with some lukewarm tequila pinche pendejo.

listen to the bugs dancing:

Los Explosivos en Ciudad del Mexico
ole carajo

(bachelor records)

they came, saw and won the whole village over, as happened at this year's PRICKLYpeaBOWLS event, when they appeared seemingly out of nowhere driving up a dirty mountain road on the west coast of Sardinia. Billy and Marcos the two Rock N Roll Adventure Kids from Berkeley, California ...two brothers travelling the world to bring love, good times and severely infectious rock n roll

listen here:

Rock N Roll Adventure Kids at PRICKLYpeaBOWLS 08
photo by Tiberio Sorvillo



2008/09/05 check it out

-    photos and rough video impressions of DUNAjam at
-    photos of the garage surf punk PRICKLYpeaBOWLS at

line-up and more info for 2009 later on


2007/12/24 it has been a busy year and we kinda deserted you here, that's cuz we favoured physical contact over virtual reality, less internet more cabernet if you wanna put it that way, but we are getting ready for 2008 with a couple of freaked out events. More news about that very soon, here's what soothed our ears the finest in 2007

BLACK LIPS - good bad not evil
(vice records)


listen here:

Black Lips at PRICKLYpeaBOWLS 2007
photo by Sorvillo

BABY WOODROSE - chasing rainbows
(bad afro)

something is rotten in Denmark, as that lad said, though it doesn't seem to be Lorenzo Woodrose least not yet, as he pushes his latest effort to the man

to listen:

Baby Woodrose with Dead Moon
doing some posing

GOWN - economic amplifier
(at shows)

real good stuff cooked up by Thomas Snively who much like his cousin Gram Parsons puts his heart into this array of songs, lots of diversity here. After having worked with people like Trans Am, Oldham and Dead Meadow in previous years he got together with a couple of friends on this one and in a couple of days he put to tape what he had in mind, if he pops up somewhere near you make sure to check him live, he is a great guitarist and performer be it solo as a duo or with a band this man has got it.

listen to the kitchen:

Gown at Project / Innsbruck
photo by Tiberio Sorvillo

AUDACITY - nine songs live at Sean's house

you will be hearing more of these Californian teenagers out a city called Fullerton somewhere south of LA, as Black Time's Lemmy Caution puts it "We played with some really awesome bands in the states but I'm not shitting you when I say that Audacity were the best - fucking blew us all away. They had the surprise factor of us not having heard them before, plus they all look about 12 years old. Put on a great show complete with the singer doing a couple of back flips off the stage. There's lots of clues in the sound but all executed in a unique way - Black Lips-style gang chants, Germs-style teenage snot, Hunches-style noisy melody, Country Teasers retardiness.. spoke to them afterwards but they couldn't stick around to see us 'cos they had homework to do!! I had one of their songs "Teenage Town" stuck in my head for the rest of the tour even though I only heard it once.."

listen and believ:

Audacity in the garden or something
photo by Kyle


2007/07/24 the visionaries of this skeptical age are playing 3 shows open to the genral public in the series of the PRICKLYpeaBOWLS, once more in sardinia

so here is your schedule to stalk the

-    the first one will be in
Alghero at the BURNOUT on thursday 23rd of august
-    the second one will be at our headquarters in the olive orchard
     outside of
Guspini at the SLEEPWALKER'S on saturday 25th of august
        expect the worst of this night, cuz from france and
        out of the deamon's claws clan the
JACK OF HEART will be present and also a band TBA
-    third show in Cagliari on the beach at the
CORTO MALTESE on sunday 26th of august

all further details, info & audio at


2007/07/05 photo review of the DUNAjam2007 by clicking on the pics


from left to right:
Gown, Gorilla, The Rippers, On Trial, Colour Haze, Brant Bjork
all photos by
Tiberi Sorvillo

the 2008 edition is in the works, it will take place sometime around the end of may and the mid of june 2008 once more in sardinia, there will be about 15 acts comprised of heavy psychedelia bands, garage rock bands, one-man bands and musicians on their own, the line-up will be published here in the fall, together with exact dates and prices, this year it will be limited to 100 partecipants though. so if you want to be part of this you should get in touch to sort of pre-reserve, half of the places are already taken and once reservations for the remaining places start in the fall everything might go pretty quick, just drop us a line via e-mail and we'll contact you and keep you posted, do this via

some more pictures and info is on
and a forum for the participants is here

check the good ol venue... click for super size


2007/01/21 Prices for the DUNAjam2007 go as follows: 
bed & breakfast for 7 nights stay including admission to all the shows and jams at secret locations from sunday 20th to sunday 27th of May will cost

300 euros per person per week in a
two-bed room

stay tuned for the complete lineup we will post it soon, those who intend rocking out with the Bros should start booking their flights to Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy. there are good deals on and and to pre-order and reserve tickets contact us via e-mail


2007/01/17 here's what's cooking: during the week from May 20 to May 27 the second edition of the DUNAjam will go down at our headqurters in the mediterrenean, on the Costa Verde - Sardinia - Italy.

BRANT BJORK AND THE BROS will be there like in 2006, we are booking the other bands right now and by next week exact prices and schedules will be up, so that you can start buying tickets and reserve your flights then.

in the meantime you can look up info, videos and what not on the whole thing plus stuff of last year's edition at

the event will be limited to those who rock out with us at our headquarters, to to pre-order and reserve tickets for the package including 7 days "bed & breakfast" and admission to all events contact us via e-mail

here are a few pictures of the venues in order to get a picture of what's about to happen, tu gia sai.

costa verde

holy well

su babbay

sunset on sea

venue duna

click here to check out a complete report, with photos by Tiberio Sorvillo (click pics to enlarge)

Brant Dylan Mike Cortez Venue
Live Bjork Garden Jam Skate



2007/01/08 all the best for 2007, after a few false starts we have a band for you to rock out to  Honey Don't a threepiece playing some catchy rock 'n' roll tunes with a lot of soul and good dose of blues for the broken hearts

we are booking shows for them contact us via e-mail is the flyer and the schedule

MERANO - Caffe Kunsthaus
via cassa risparmio 18b sparkassenstrasse
via del paese 12 dorfstrasse


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